Cenotaph Completion

**New** As of August 4, 2017 Hon. Colonel Lippert has done it. He, virtually single-handed, has raised the funding required for the installation of a Cenotaph dedicated to 427 Squadron members who died performing operational duties. And a heartfelt thank you to those who were able to donate to the fund. Additionally, he has contracted and started the work to install the Cenotaph and has furnished updates showing the progress. The Cenotaph will be unveiled on Sunday, October 15, 2017 after the Gathering of Lions weekend to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of 427 Squadron.

In a recent email Honourary Colonel Lippert wrote:

Construction has started,here The granite has arrived from India, Capt. Marc Jacquard is checking the names and selecting the pictures of aircraft the squadron has flown before engraving starts. M/Cpl Imre Glaser-Hille is ensuring the history plaques in French and English and Donor plaque are correct before being cast.

The concrete support base was poured today and it is large enough to accommodate wall extensions which we hope never to use. Tomorrow the forms will be removed and the area around the base will be backfilled. Next week we will wait for a good two day weather forecast and the 20' X 7.5" black concrete top cap will be poured and polished.

As you are aware we already have the Lion.



Honorary Colonel Del Lippert's task was to investigate and execute a plan to have a Cenotaph erected to those 427 personnel who died while on operations. Several financial funding options were investigated, however, the chosen option was to initiate a fund raising to pay for this Cenotaph which will be mounted in Cobden, ON. not far drom Petawawa. A bronze Lion, seen below, (other bronze lion photos) will be atop a pedestal with plaques inscribed with the names of the fallen. For a look at Hon. Col. Lippert's initial activities to achieve a Cenotaph click here.

The Air Force Association has also emailed to its membership an invitation to the 2017 Gathering of Lions. It can be accessed here.

427 Squadron Cenotaph Project

The updated final brochure published by Honorary Colonel Del Lippert is

HERE - English
ICI - français

The names of the fallen will be inscribed on the sides of the pedestal.